On June 1992 a group of shipping engineering professionals established
NEPTUNE TECHNICAL AGENCIES LTD, a company offering technical
expertise to shipping companies and representing shipyards in the Greek
Neptune commenced its activities by marketing Ship Repair Yard RADUNIA
S.A., which was exclusively represented in the Greek and Cyprus Markets.
Radunia was offering repairs and conversions at Gdansk and dockings at
Gdynia, Poland also docking and repairs at Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Neptune was the pioneer of foreign ship repairs in Klaipeda, Lithuania having
arranged on March 1993 a Greek owned bulk carrier, the largest ever to call
at this Yard and country for dry-docking and special survey works at Western
Shiprepair Yard (WSY).
We exclusively represented the BLRT Grupp  of Shipyards and associated
industries in all the Baltic States, and Finland and promoted their products
and continue work for suitable repair and docking projects.
A large number of our repair activities of Greek ships were carried out
at Klaipeda, Lithuania due to the WSY extensive docking and workshop
facilities including the only in-house propeller repair workshop in the Baltic.
Also at Riga Shipyard Latvia which has the most extensive lay berth
facilities for Aframax size ships afloat repair and Panamax size dockings
with an excellent machine shop.
With our affiliate company NEPTUNE SERVICES UAB we support our Greek
and Foreign customers for their afloat repair requirements at Baltic Ports.
Gdynia – Poland we were offering docking and repairs at the Panamax size
ex Gdynia Shipyard dry-dock by new owners EPG Shipyard now a part of
MARS Fund.
Our docking and repair projects in Poland are now undertaken
by Baltyard which we exclusively represent in Greek and Cyprus markets.
In Turkey we work since 2000 for docking and repair with the best performing
and reputable Shipyards at Istanbul, Tuzla Bay and Yalova.
Bulgaria we work with Bulyard and Odessos Shipyards in Varna.
China we are offering Docking and repairs at selected Shipyards through local network.
US Gulf and the Caribbean another region where we are offering docking and
repairs also afloat works and maintenance at Santo Domingo Port Dominican
Republic through our principals  Hispaniola Marine Repair Services.