Balt Yard provides comprehensive services in ship repairing. Our offer focuses on supervision and performance of repairs in dock in the Polish and foreign shipyards under terms and conditions mutually agreed with the shipowner. We carry out major and minors repair, regeneration and upgrading work on sea transport means offering a wide variety of services: steel work, maintenance-painting operations as well as electrical and piping work.

Our offer include:

  • Comprehensive repairs of vessels,
  • Class and dock repairs of vessels,
  • Repairs in shipyards,
  • Washing and cleaning engine room bilges,
  • Washing, cleaning and painting sewage treatment and holding tanks,
  • Reception and utilisation of wastes after tank cleaning,
  • Reception and utilisation of oily waters and particles generated as a result of fuel tank cleaning,
  • Stream-abrasive cleaning of hulls and constructional elements of vessels,
  • Painting hulls and steel construction elements,
  • Analysis of explosive atmospheres in enclosed spaces by using portable explosimeter,
  • Attestation of tanks for work with naked flames,
  • Supervision over work on mounting new constructional elements on board water crafts,
  • Selection of anticorrosion protections for steel constructions,
  • Completion of anticorrosion protection for ballast tanks by applying soft coatings (Fluid film, Permia film),
  • Arrangement and transport of hazardous and oversized cargoes .
  • Repairs:
    • Main and auxiliary engines of all vessels,
    • Installation and elements of power hydraulics ,
    • Electric generators,
    • Reduction gears.


lifting capacity 2.500 t
length overall 100 m
internal breadth 22 m
draught over keelblocks 5.0 m
compressed air system 0.6 MPa
cranes Up to 50 t
sludge and sewage tank
steam, firefighting, fresh water and acetylen / oxygen systems
power supply AC – 440 V, 220 V 24 V
maximum length of lifted vessel up to110 m

Floating Docks

lifting capacity 8.000 t
length overall 150 m
internal breadth 27 m
draught over keelblocks 8 m
compressed air system 0.6 MPa
storage fuel oil tanks 150 cum
cranes 2 x 8 t
sludge and sewage tank
steam and firefighting system
power supply AC – 440 V, 380 V, 220 V DC – 220 V, 110 V, 24 V
maximum length of lifted vessel 170 m

ship coating at srydock

Worker with protective mask welding metal


Our cooperation with the yard extends back to 1993 when we arranged for the first repair of a Greek managed vessel and thereafter since then, we have completed a large number of repair projects.

There are 3 floating docks and repair berths with 2 cranes of 30 Tons lifting capacity each.

A Floating crane of 100 Tons lifting capacity. Two tugs 1200Hp each.

The yard with their subsidiary specialized contractors offers a comprehensive range of repairs on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week basis.

  • Baltic Premator Klaipeda for grit blasting and painting  hull, hold ballast and cargo tanks.
  • Wartsila BLRT Services Klaipeda  for machinery repairs and reconditioning. Propeller shafts and propeller repairs are carried out in our premises assisted by specialist equipment, casting of broken blades and balancing, etc.
  • McGregor BLRT for crane and hatch cover repairs and constructions, ro/ro ramp ways etc
  • Technomet Survey for ultrasonic measurement.

Neptune Technical Agencies Ltd  attends at Klaipeda, assisting owners’ superintendents when needed, with all matters relating to the repairs of their vessels i.e., classification, supply etc.


List of floating docks

Description Dock 1


Dock 2


Dock 3


Lifting capacity 27 000 t 10 000 t 8 000 t
Keel blocks length 200 m 153,6 m 139,5 m
Keel blocks length 1,26 m 1,4 m 1,3 m
Width between fenders 30,5 m 27,5 m 23,5 m
Cranes 2 x 15 t 2 x 15 t 2 x 5 t



RIGA SHIPYARD offering repairs for panamax size and handymax bulk carriers.


3 Floating docks up to 255 M LOA X 36 M BM

The yard has  about 2000 meters of lay by berth  facilities able to accommodate  Aframax size ships for afloat repairs and  docks for Panamax  size ships.

On  2014  the Yard has undergone a major restructuring and with new workshops for hull treatment ,steel and pipe.

We are offering  alongside repairs, divers inspections at all Latvian ports also technical supply, provisions, oxygene, acetylene and marine chemicals by Vecom   Marine Alliance.

Also protective agency through UNITEK




Up to aframax size

As one of the largest dry-docks in Northern Europe, the yard is able to undertake even the most demanding repair, maintenance and conversion projects at competitive prices with delivery of high-quality work on agreed schedule.

Turku Repair Yard Ltd conducts a wide range of ship repairs and services in the Baltic region. Pre-emptive service helps to cut down the off hire and lower the service costs. The yard monitors closely the effects to the surrounding environment by its operations and strives to minimize the environmental impacts. The yard also carries out various kinds of nature preserving conversions such as installing catalytic filters.



Dry Dock:
265m x 70m x 7.9m

Floating dock:
4000t, 101m x 21.6m x 6.0m

184m, 7.7m

Crane capacity:
150 tons, 100 tons and 2 x 30 tons

Electrical power supply:
up to 2800A, 2Mw




 Tallinn Shipyard is located in Tallinn, Estonia, and has been a leading ship repair Yard in the Baltic since 1912. The Yard was formerly known as Baltic Ship Repairers and was renamed in early 2002 after the BSR Group purchased Western Shiprepair Yard in Lithuania.


The Yard has extensive experience in the repair of all vessel types including reefer ships, Ro-Ros, passenger ships, chemical tankers and LPG carriers. As well as general ship repair the Yard also undertakes conversion work and newbuildings. The Yard has three floating docks and 11 slipways, including two covered slips for vessel newbuildings up to 70m. The BLRT Grupp is also involved in steel fabrication for a number of international companies from its extensive steel facilities at the Yard; these storage and workshop facilities also enable the Yard to readily undertake major steel work on vessels.

Name: BULYARD Shipbuilding Industry AD
Area: Bulgaria Varna


Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in Bulgaria.

The company designs, constructs and repairs ships up to 100 000 DWT. Over 850 vessels for owners of 27 countries have been built for the over one-hundred years long history of the shipyard.

The product portfolio comprises Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Container Carriers, Bulk Carriers, General Cargo vessels, Coal Carriers and Multipurpose vessels.

Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry is situated in the South Industrial Zone of Varna – the second largest city and the main port of Bulgaria. The shipyard is very close to Varna-Sofia railway, 5 minutes away from the center of the city and 10 minutes away from Varna airport. This location and the moderate weather conditions make the shipyard highly accessible throughout the year. This situation readily facilitates rapid materials acquisition and re-supply and coupled with the skilled labor supply enables Bulyard to offer round-the-clock and round-the-calendar dedicated production.

The major part of the production facilities of the company is located at Varna Port, at the western coast of the Black Sea covering an area of around 410 sq.m.



Large Dry Dock :  80 000 Dwt   237,00 L x 40,00 W x 9,50 D

Cranes : 1 Gantry  Crane x 800t , 4 Cranes x 80t

Small Dry Dock :  25 000 Dwt   190,00 L x 28,00 W x 8,50 D

Cranes : 1 Grantry Crane x 500t , 4 Cranes x 80t


Area: Ukraine  Chernomorsk(ex Ilyichevsk)


The yard can accommodate all types of ships with up to 60,000t displacement including dry cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers, ro-ros, ferries and research vessels as well as cruisers, harbor tugs and hydrofoils.

Floating Dock particulars:

Description Lift capacity Length Clear width Cranes
Floating dock 20,000t 225m 36m 2 x 15t
Floating dock 20,000t 225m 36m 2 x 15t
Floating dock 4,000t 90.2m 22.2m 2 x 5t


Name: Ciramar Shipyards International Trading, Ltd.
Area: Dominican Republic Santo Domingo



For 20 years CIRAMAR has been engaged in the ship repair activity, and throughout this time it has managed to gather a well trained and professional staff to handle almost any type of work, to help you get back to business in no time.




Facilites Length (m) Width (m) Depth (m) Lifting Tons Crane Capacity
Floating Dock DF-I  61 14.02 4.0 960 0
Floating Dock DF-II 155 24.6 7.0 7,200 2 x 6 t
Floating Dock DF-III 173.66 33.1 0 20,000 0
Ponton Berth 138 13      
Graving Dock/Level 1 106.7 17 4.5    
Graving Dock/ Level 2 121.9 17 4.5    
Floating Crane 44.2 14.2 2.3 30 t  


Name: Hispaniola Maritime Repair Services, SRL
Area: Dominican Republic Santo Domingo


Hispaniola Maritime Repair Services, SRL consists of a group of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of the Maritime Industry, all with a common interest, to provide shipowners and managers a single unsurpassed reliable and professional vessel maintenance and repair facility in the Dominican Republic.

Hispaniola facility is setup to cater for all types and sizes of vessels, with lay berth facilities in the capital city, Santo Domingo, conveniently located close to major shipping routes transiting the Caribbean Sea.

In water conversions, outfitting, repairs and underwater inspections and repairs can be performed at their specially arranged berths in Santo Domingo and Boca Chica.



Engine maintenance and repairs

Turbochargers maintenance and repairs

Cyl Head & Engine Block repairs

Engine alignment

Engine control systems


Gearbox maintenance & repairs


Propeller shaft repairs

Propeller repairs and balancing



Steel & Pipes Renewal

Thickness gauging and Certified Reports

Steel preparation for coating by mechanical preparation, pressure washing, and aqua-blasting.

Paint application of our unique Chemco solvent-free, surface-tolerant and moisture-tolerant epoxy system, as well as conventional systems.(see more about this at the header “Protective Coatings”).

Slops removal and disposal

Tank cleaning & Gas Free Certification


Underwater Repairs



Bridge Equipment


Deck Equipment

Electrical systems

Hydraulic Systems

Marine Sanitation Devices








Hispaniola have Emergency Repair / Maintenance Teams that can usually be ready to tackle the job within 24 hrs, at any port in the Dominican Republic.


Hispaniola are able to provide Lay Berths with shore power supply at competitive rates, at Santo Domingo port, in the center of the city conveniently located close to workshops. Here shipmanagers can take care of vessel repairs at their convenience.


Hispaniola have a close co-operation with local drydocks and are currently in position to co-ordinate planned drydockings for vessels up to 575ft (175meters) in length and up to 99ft (30meters) beam.



Spare parts sourcing and delivery

Crane Service

Staging Equipment

Extensive Machine Shop Facilities

Shore power service

Customs clearance

Crew members interchanges


Certified Sludge & Oily Water removal

Certified Garbage disposal.


Marine consultancy

Condition and Damage Surveys

Vessel Chartering

Vessel Registration

Vessel Sales and Purchase

Name: Tianjin Xingang Shipyard
Area: North Area


Name: Qingdao Beihai Shipyard
Area: North Area


Name: RongCheng Xixiakou Shipyard
Area: North Area


Name: Daeyang Dalian Shipyard
Area: North Area


Name: Shanhaiguan Shipyard
Area: North Area


Name: Huarun Dadong Dockyard (HRDD)
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Shanghai Shipyard
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Yiulian Shipyard
Area: South Area


Name: Guangzhou Wenchong Dockyards
Area: South Area


Name: Zhangjiagang Jiu Sheng Shipyard
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Nanyang Shipyard
Area: Zhoushan Islands


Name: Haizhou Shipyard
Area: Zhoushan Islands


Name: Xinya Shipyard
Area: Zhoushan Islands


Name: Bolumiao Shipyard
Area: South Area


Name: Huangpu Shipyard
Area: South Area


Name: Wusong Shipyard
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Zesco Shipyard
Area: Zhoushan Islands


Name: Ligang Shipyard
Area: Zhoushan Islands


Name: Ligang Shipyard
Area: Zhoushan Islands


Name: Wusong Shipyard
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Lixin Shipyard
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Chengxi Shipyard
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Changxing Shipyard
Area: Shanghai Area


Name: Fiskerstrand Verft
Area: Norway Fiskarstrand


 Since 1983 have docked about 1.400 vessels without running into any problems, accidents or interruption owing to a lack of equipment and facilities.



Dry dock dimensions:

Accommodating vessels up to 150 m                                                                                         Internal dock width 24 m                                                                                                                Docking depth 7 m                                                                                                                      Lifting capacity 7000 tonnes                                                                                                        Rail crane 7,5 tonnes

Dry dock facility is updated continuously to ensure they satisfy new demands and complete new assignments to satisfaction of their clients.



Name: Adams Ship Buildings & Repairs FZE
Area: Dubai


 Adams Ship repairs provides an extensive range of services from Dry-dock and afloat repairs to riding team repairs.

A fully and well equipped machine shop and fabrication workshop adequately caters to the mechanical and structural

requirements of the ship owners.



Major on board Mechanical works

Major on board fabrication jobs all types of vessels


Vessel conversions

Mechanical workshop services

Fabrication workshop services


Turbo charger Repairs

Fuel injection Services

Hydraulic Services

Motor rewinding

Riding repair teams

Sponge/ sand/ water blasting

Major steel/aluminum fabrication work on and off shore as per customers requirements


Area: Trinidad & Tobago


Area: Brasil


Name: BNA – Base Naval de Aratu, Salvador – Bahia
Area: Brasil


Name: BNVC – Base Naval de Caes, Belem – Para
Area: Brasil


Name: BNN – Base Naval de Natal
Area: Brasil


Name: AMRJ – Arsenal de Marinha do Rio De Janeiro
Area: Brasil


Name: Turkey Shipyards



70 Shipyards were Operating in Turkey as of May 2011.

In Istanbul (Tuzla) region there are 27 Shipyards and is the major new building and ship repair center.

After Tuzla the second largest shipbuilding location is the Yalova – Altinova Shipyard region which was founded in 2004 with 19 Shipyards. This new region is been allocated to the industry so as to allow expansion and modernization of Turkish yards.

Yalova area is well located and close to large industrial areas. When completed the Hersek bridge project will connect Gebze and Altinova greatly reducing transport time for the Shipyards cooperating with companies operating at Tuzla and Istanbul. When the infrastructure works and new facilities for the Yards which will move from Tuzla are completed there will be 50 Shipyards in this Region.

Neptune has been arranging repair projects and assisting Greek Shipping companies with conversions and new building enquiries in Turkey for the last ten years.

We can recommend the best suitable Yards for your repair projects.

The choices  are various either for  alongside  berth repairs or slip ways works ,for dockings depending on the size of your vessel there are small floating docks up to vlcc size Tuzla Shipyard floating dock.

Neptune has been cooperating with most Yards from the small highly specialized Istanbul Shipyard to Torlak, Yardgem where we introduced and arranged the first Greek Managed vessels then Desan and with the.. Diamond of Turkey, the Besiktas Shipyard.

Soon we will be able to offer repairs at Adana where presently only small new building projects are been carried out.

Our service includes choice of Shipping Agencies, suppliers of spares, stores and provisions.

Also we can assist owners of vessels for recycling at Aliaga Facilities.





Name: World Marine, LLC
Area: Mobile, Alabama


22,000-ton steel Panamax floating dry dock*

  • Lift capacity: 22,000 tons at maximum lift
  • Length overall: 692 ft. (210.8 meters)
  • Clear between wing walls: 118 ft. (36 meters)
  • Draft over blocks: 32 ft. (9.7 meters) – maximum


4,500-ton steel floating dry dock

  • Lift capacity: 4,500 tons at maximum lift
  • Length overall: 240 ft. (73 meters)
  • Clear inside wall fenders: 83 ft. (25.3 meters)
  • Draft over blocks: 20 ft. (6 meters) – maximum




Name: GMD Shipyard Corp
Area: Brooklyn NY



GMD Shipyard Corp. is located within the world renowned Brooklyn Navy Yard and is the largest dry dock facility in New York City.  Our shipyard boasts three graving docks in addition to 1100′ of wet berth and offers 24-hour operational capabilities.     Complementing our yard’s full service machine, pipe and valve shops is a professional staff of experienced marine fabrication and repair craftsmen.

GMD Shipyard is committed to meeting the demands of our customers while providing  quality workmanship  which supports and promotes prudent environmental and safety principles.  With an exceptional team of skilled technicians and dedicated management, GMD Shipyard can serve all of your vessel needs from routine maintenance to conversions to emergency dry-dockings.


Our facilities offer panamax graving docks and deep water pier space providing our customers with high quality professional services and full 24-hour operational capabilities.  Work is done in accordance with all classifications including the American Bureau of Shipping, U.S. Coast Guard, DNV GL and Lloyd’s Register.

GMD Facilities

Item Details
Graving Docks: (2) – 1092′ x 150′ x 36′ (333m x 46m x 11m)
(1) – 280′ X 66′ (85m x 20m)
Wet Berth: 1080′ x 116′ (330m x 35m)
Cranes: (1) – 200 ton capacity gantry crane
(2) – 75 ton capacity gantry crane
(1) – 25 ton capacity gantry crane
(1) – 40 ton hydraulic mobile crane
(2) – 20 ton capacity gantry crane
(1) – 15 ton capacity gantry crane